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Resources for Suzuki Viola Students

YouTube Videos for Extra Listening

Viola Book 1                                              Famous Viola Players

Viola Book 2                                             Practice Tips

Viola Book 3                                             Baroque Dances

Viola Book 4                                             Viola Ensembles

Viola Book 5                                             Viola Fun Stuff

Viola Book 6

Viola Book 7

Viola Book 8 (under construction)

Viola Book 9


Famous Viola Players

Yuri Bashmet

Vadim Borisovsky

Kenji Bunch (alternative strings)

Helen Callus

David Aaron Carpenter

Roberto Diaz

Lawrence Dutton

Lillian Fuchs

Nobuko Imai

Kim Kashkashian

Nokuthula Ngwenyama

Lawrence Power

William Primrose

Jennifer Stumm

Lionel Tertis

Tabea Zimmermann


Music Websites

American Viola Society

The American Viola Society intends to be the premier source for all viola-related activities while building a community of enthusiasts and providing resources for the global viola community.

The Bulletproof Musician

Practice hacks and performance advice from a violinist turned performance psychologist.

From The Top

A weekly radio program showcasing young performers. Their website also features lots of fun music videos and interviews.

LSO “Play” Website

Fun tool allows students to watch a performance from different places in the orchestra.

SharMusic Blog

The blog of North America’s largest retailer of stringed instruments and accessories. Lots of guest bloggers operating in all areas of the string community.


Recommended Apps

Anytune (iOS only) Slows down music without changing the pitch.

Blob Chorus iOS, Android Fun game for beginner ear training/pitch matching.

Calm iOS, Android Simple mindfulness meditation app. Helpful for performance anxiety and focus!

Cleartune iOS, Android Easy-to-use instrument tuner. Remember to tune your violin/viola every day before you practice!

Decide Now! iOS, Android Put all your review pieces, scales, excerpts, etc., in the app and spin the wheel to mix up your practice time. A student favorite!

Music Speed Changer Android only,  Slows down music without changing the pitch.

Staff Wars (original) iOS only More fun than flash cards for improving note reading. Tap the correct note name for each pitch shown on the staff.

Staff Wars Live iOS only This version uses your device’s microphone. As the notes scroll by, you must play the note shown on the staff.

Tempo Metronome iOS, Android My recommended metronome app.

Tonal Energy Tuner iOS, Android Includes a tuner, drone pitches, a good metronome, and ability to record. Also the tuner smiles when you’re in tune 🙂

Tunable iOS, Android Tuner, drone pitches, metronome, and recorder. Similar to Tonal Energy, but different format.




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