Music Theory & Composing

For Ages 4-9

Easy Music App Available for both iOS and Android. Easy, age-appropriate app for ages 4-9. Practice pitch matching, rhythm, and creative music-making.

Musilla Music School App  Available for both iOS and Android. Fun and colorful app for ages 4-9. Learn and practice pitch identification, rhythm, compose your own music, and more.

Bandimal App For iOS only. Compose music using animals simple shapes. For ages 4-8.

Note Reading Practice

Alto Clef Online Flashcards and Games (Quizlet)

Treble Clef Online Flashcards and Games (Quizlet)

Staff Wars For desktop (FREE!), iOS, or Android. Fun, arcade-like game for practicing pitch identification.

Rhythm Swing For iOS only. Practice accurate rhythm reading and get instant feedback and coaching.

Compose Your Own Music

MuseScore  FREE High Quality Open-Source Music Notation Software. Choose instruments, use the simple editor to write music, play it back instantly, and print a professional-looking score. I recommend for ages 8 and up with some adult help. iOS app and Web app for writing music and playing it back anywhere.

ScoreCreator iOS and Web app.

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