Student Work

Student-Created Music History Pages

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, my students chose a composer to research from each major style period of Western art music. Click each page below to see their work!

Here are my resources for learning more about the history music. 

Resources for Students in Books 1-3

Video: Origins of Music – The Story of Guido (4 mins)

Classics for Kids: Musical Eras

Classics for Kids: Interactive Composer Timeline

Classics for Kids: Women Composers

Music by Black Composers (new coloring book!)

Violin and Viola Music by Women

Resources for Books 3-4 and Beyond

Wikipedia: Classical Music Page

ClassicFM: Composers : Start Here for Composer Biographies

Violin and Viola Music by Women

ClassicFM: The Great Women Composers

Black Central Europe: Searchable Database

OperaWire: LGBTQ Composers

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