Fun with Viola Ensembles

As you know, it's recital season, and I'm in the home stretch of helping to prepare my students for their solo performances. A few years ago, I also started adding a viola ensemble performance at the end of the recital. At the time, it was just a fun opportunity to showcase a few more advanced viola... Continue Reading →

Prevent and Treat “Shifting Panic”

  Shifting is the great divide for my viola studio. On the one hand, I have always had a handful of students who are excited to start shifting, perhaps after they have seen an older student deftly moving all over the fingerboard. Other students approach shifting with reticence and sometimes outright dread, particularly my transfer... Continue Reading →

Hi There!

Hi, My name is Eliana. I am a Suzuki viola teacher, "traditional" viola teacher, and sometimes Professor of viola based in St. Louis. I love all things playing and teaching music and have been teaching viola (and sometimes violin) for over a decade but I have never blogged about it. . I'm originally from Louisville,... Continue Reading →

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